The impact of probiotics on the functioning of the human body.

The number of scientific studies indicating the beneficial effects of probiotics on the functioning of the human body, which has been increasing steadily for more than a dozen years, has resulted in a growing interest in the production of probiotic preparations for targeted supplementation.
As leaders in contract manufacturing of probiotic products, we are well aware that the effectiveness of probiotics depends on the quality of the bacterial or yeast strains they contain.
Therefore, when selecting strains, we are first guided by the FAO/WHO recommendations “Guidelines for the evaluation of probiotics in food” and the guidelines of the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics, checking the functional and technological characteristics of the strains, and then analyzing the clinical evidence for the probiotic effect of the strain in a specific indication, its safety and efficacy against the target population.
We work with the world’s largest suppliers of probiotic strains, both lyophilized and microencapsulated.
We also provide our customers with probiotic strains viability testing by classical culture methods and by flow cytometry method approved by the European Pharmacopoeia and ISO 19344 standard for probiotic viability testing.

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