our pharmaceutical quality, your success in business

We improve people’s health by developing our clients’ pharmaceutical business.

Our mission is to improve people’s health by developing our clients’ pharmaceutical business. We aim to be the most frequently selected Polish CDMO in the European pharmaceutical market providing high quality products at a competitive price. We aim to be a leader in the field of contract manufacturing of medications, medical products and dietary supplements in Poland. We also expect to become a significant provider in the European market.

Being a company with thirty years of experience, we know how to meet our Clients’ needs and provide highest-quality products and services. We create and develop new products in order to make a real difference and improve the standard of our patients’ lives. Our team at Eubioco is proud to contribute to how our company operates and develops so that it can become an even better workplace for all of us.

In all our activities, we strive to:

  • ensure the highest quality of our work and products
  • guarantee elasticity and ingenuity of our solutions
  • implement economic, low-cost approach while maintaining the highest possible standard of all operations
  • maintain mutual respect and will to help others

our pharmaceutical quality, your success in business

welcome to our factory

eubioco in numbers

we annually produce:

1 000 000 000

tablets and capsules

8 500 000

packages of dry medications

6 000 000

packages of liquids, gels and ointments

Almost 30 years of experience in manufacturing medicinal products.

Two production departments – for dry and liquid medications
We provide a wide range of services regarding the production of:

medical products, both prescription-only (RX) and over the counter (OTC)

pharmaceutical substances

dietary supplements


medical devices


medical products, both prescription-only (RX) and over the counter (OTC)

pharmaceutical substances

dietary supplements


medical devices


safety, control, professionalism

Our products are manufactured based on our own formulas, or those provided by our Clients. Each time, we meet our contractors’ needs and expectations.

eubioco is one of the largest producers of medical products, supplements and cosmetics

all our sites are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery

we encourage active development of formulations and services

We meet the most rigorous GMP quality standards

our history

For nearly 30 years, we have been developing our competences, formulas and production methods. Since the very beginning, the company’s primary business activity has been manufacturing and sales of medical products.

We currently specialise in contract manufacturing services, including all-around research and development services.


establishing of the production facility of the National Pharmaceutical Supply Company “Cefarm” in Olsztyn; first registration certificates received


separation from “Cefarm” and establishing an independent entity called Galenic Laboratory Olsztyn (LGO)


Galenic Laboratory Olsztyn relocated to Dywity near Olsztyn. Meanwhile, a modern pharmaceutical company is established in Olsztyn, meeting all the GMP requirements.


eubioco group is established. Galenic Laboratory Olsztyn becomes part of eubioco


the company premises grow to include new manufacturing spaces, warehouses and offices (almost 5,000 square metres of new areas in total)


the company expands from manufacturing its products to contract manufacturing, covering all-around production services for other companies. This way, eubioco becomes a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO)


eubioco group goes into the hands of private investors, focused on dynamic development in the contract manufacturing sector

quality management


Our principal goal is to provide the highest quality of products that can improve the patients’ quality of life.

Our production process is carried out in accordance to the Good Manufacturing Practice standards, as per regulation of the Minister of Health of 9th of November 2015 on the GMP requirements (Journal of Laws 2015, item 1979), and per Directive 2003/94/EC.

this ensures:

  • efficient systemic control and appropriate documentation from every stage of production
  • high quality of all our products
  • guaranteed safety and comfort of every patient and consumer

In the production process, we use the best materials, the quality of which is regularly confirmed in highly specialised laboratories. The process of production itself is also monitored continuously and undergoing meticulous control procedures. This way, we are sure our Clients receive high-quality, entirely safe products.


Our patients’ safety and wellbeing are always our top priority.

Hazard analysis and critical control points management system HACCP

A reliable quality-management system, continuous process monitoring, and analysis of observations and control test results ensure production of entirely safe products. This is further confirmed by the certificates of analysis we provide for all product samples, starting materials, packagings and printed materials we test in a Quality Control facility.



Our laboratory is equipped in professional analysis machinery that allows real-time monitoring of all production processes on all stages of production. Those measures confirm the production process to be in accordance with applicable requirements of the Quality Management System.

Physicochemical Analysis Laboratory
Tablet testing equipment (disintegration time, hardness, measures, grindability, fragility, tightness, release time of active substances).

  • Dripping temperature measuring device
  • Karl Fischer moisture titrator
  • Cryometer
  • Polarimeter
  • Microwave mineraliser
  • Muffle furnace with analytical procedures programming function
  • Unified, fully automatic equipment set examining refraction, thickness and conductivity
  • Automated system of potentiometric titration
  • HPLC, UPLC, GC chromatographs>
  • In-tank viscometer
  • Precise analytical scales
  • Environmental chambers

Microbiology Laboratory

  • Automatic samplers for air quality testing
  • Steam sterilisers
  • Microbiological incubators
  • Densitometer
  • Laminar flow cabinets
  • Automatic colony counter
  • Low-temperature freezer

our locations

Our office and production space in located Dywity. The company also has offices in Warsaw and Łódź. We employ over 150 people.

Eubioco Sp. z o.o.

Warsaw office
ul. Klimczaka 1
02-797 Warszawa
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Production facility
ul. Spółdzielcza 25A
11-001 Dywity
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our Clients

Our services are already making their way outside of Poland.