END-TO-END CDMO for veterinary clients.

We develop our capabilities using efficient processes to best serve our customers.

#CDMO SERVICES – we offer our veterinary clients an integrated service, production of medicinal products, dietary supplements, and cosmetics according to the client’s own specifications up to the required phase they will need, or a full development service according to the client’s requirements.

We are focused on the development and production of generic and added value medicines, cosmetics and food products for farm and companion animals in different forms:

For oral use

  • A solution
  • An emulsion
  • A syrup
  • A paste
  • A tablet
  • A hard capsule
  • Powder filled
  • Liquid filled
  • Capsule in capsule
  • A powder in jars and sachets

Topical Route include

  • Solids (powders)
  • Semisolids (creams, ointments, pastes, and gels)
  • Liquids (solutions and suspension)

We are END-TO-END CDMO:  R&D-Manufacturing-Regulatory

Product development

  • Flexible and scalable contract manufacturing
  • Technology transfer
  • Analytical services

Our team is experienced in the veterinary regulatory requirements and processes for all major markets and can provide deep guidance, submission writing, or even take your regulatory affairs function entirely off your hands

Eubioco is your single-source partner for successful product approval, commercialization, and ongoing supply.

Contact us and let us know how we can leverage our veterinary product knowledge and #CDMO proficiency to help you grow your portfolio.