LGO a participant of the Sails of Warmia and Masuria competition

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Laboratorium Galenowe Olsztyn, a subsidiary of Eubioco group, was qualified for the Sails of Warmia and Masuria competition, in the category of socially responsible enterprise WAMABOSS. 

Sails of Warmia and Masuria is a prestigious prize awarded by the self-government of the Warmian and Masurian voivodeship. The main aim of the competition is to identify top companies of the region and to promote them on the Polish and foreign markets.

The best enterprises in the Warmian and Masurian region compete for Sails of Warmia and Masuria award every year. The category of Socially Responsible Company WAMABOSS is addressed to entrepreneurs who implement pro-employee activities, support the local community, take care of the environment, respect customers, suppliers, subcontractors and cooperators.