Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a popular vitamin for boosting immunity.

During the autumn and winter, we like to reach for vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Given its multidirectional effect on the human body, we should take care of proper levels of this vitamin all year round.
According to the European Food Safety Authority, it has been possible to link the action of vitamin C to such physiological processes as: proper functioning of the nervous system and immune system, DNA, proteins and lipids against oxidative damage; proper production of collagen to ensure the proper functioning of blood vessels, bones, skin, teeth, cartilage and gums; absorption of non-heme iron; maintenance of normal energy metabolism.
A properly balanced diet, composed in accordance with the principles of the Healthy Eating Plate, fully covers the daily requirement for vitamin C. However, in the case of increased demand for it and deficiencies resulting, for example, from an improper diet, supplementation with ascorbic acid is indicated.
At eubioco, we manufacture numerous dietary supplements with vitamin C in various
– dosages (including 1000 mg)
– forms: tablets, including extended-release; capsules, including the active ingredient in the form of liposomes.
– packaging: attractive containers or blister packs made of film with enhanced barrier properties.
Our formulations include both vitamin C of synthetic and natural origin (plant extracts standardized to vitamin C) and are additionally enriched with compounds such as rutin or bioflavonoids.
We operate in a one-stop-shop model, providing our clients with knowledge and expertise in the areas of product development, regulations, manufacturing and quality control of the product, as well as its commercialization. As part of the service, we provide product training at the customer’s request, as well as substantive and regulatory support throughout the product life cycle.