Funding in the government program NUTRITECH - nutrition in light of the challenges of improving the well-being of society and climate change.

In November 20223, the Galenic Laboratory Olsztyn, signed a contract for funding of the Project: Development and Implementation of Innovative Functional Foods Targeting the Prevention of Diet-related Diseases selected under the 1st competition NUTRITECH – Nutrition in Light of the Challenges of Improving the Well-Being of Society and Climate Change.”

Project title: Development and implementation of innovative functional foods targeting the prevention of diet-related diseases. The project will be implemented in a consortium including a scientific unit of the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn.

The total cost of the Project is PLN 3,520,758.61 (in words: three million five hundred and twenty thousand seven hundred and fifty-eight zlotys and 61/100).

NCBiR shall grant funding in an amount not exceeding PLN 2,900,617.66 (in words: two million nine hundred thousand six hundred and seventeen zlotys and 66/100),

The main objective of the program is to increase the availability of products and solutions in the field of proper nutrition by 2030 through the implementation of the results of research and development, taking into account the principles of sustainable development.

The specific objective of the program for Galenic Laboratory Olsztyn is: Implement through technological solutions the principles of sustainable development in the processes of production and distribution of health-promoting foods.